Yoga Light Summer Retreat

Immerse yourself in Summer’s full Creativity and Joy!

Yoga Light December retreat is the perfect opportunity to enhance your well being on all levels, working with the summer meridians governing regulation of Power, Heart’s creative energy and internal communication.

Yoga Light Summer Retreat at Govinda Valley

Friday evening to Sunday afternoon 7 – 9 December 2012

Yoga is physical and motivational strength and power. When aligning our body in yoga postures we shift stagnant energy for increased flow of Qi or life force flowing through meridians and organs for improved function and health.

Yoga teaches meditation, the ability to focus and still the mind. This conserves our energy and creates inner peace and a calm poise. With increased body awareness and a focused mind comes a glowing confidence and grace in One’s Presence.

Michelle Lang will be guiding us through the shiatsu sessions and giving a discussion on food as medicine. This is based on macrobiotic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which complements the yoga beautifully.

Introducing for the first time Barbara Jackson who will be conducting a Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy workshop. This is relaxing for healing at a deep level, also raising your vibration.

Early bird payment $500 due by 1st November

Afterwards $550

Price includes all meals, accommodation, yoga sessions and guest teachers.