Winter Yoga Workshop

5 Saturdays 20th July – 17th August

9:30am – 11am $175 or $40 per class

Yoga classes designed to support our bodies in winter, the best time of the year to build up the kidney energy. We support the foundation of our whole being by strengthening the Water Element – our Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians.

Week 1 – Introducing Kidney & Bladder meridians, their location and how they affect us physically, energetically and emotionally.

Week 2 - Foods to support, nourish & heal.

Week 3 – Our Lymphatic System.

Week 4 – Our immune system & amazing healing herbs.

Week 5 – Oral exam.

The Kidney meridian governs our will, our motivation and drive, providing us with the flow of energy we need. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kidneys are considered to be one of the most important organs in your body. They are the organ system of growth, maturation, sexuality, fertility, and aging. Like a seed which holds the potential of an entire plant, your Kidneys hold the genetic blueprint of who you are and how healthy and strong you will be.

The Urinary bladder meridian governs our nervous system including the brain. It runs the full length of our body, supporting our foundation and structural alignment. Blockage of flow in this meridian will affect the strength in our back, our confidence and balance. Imbalance in the bladder meridian affects our nervous integration contributing to stress, worry, anxiety and insecurity.

Please email to book your place, numbers are limited.