Winter Yoga Intensive

Yoga Light

Winter Yoga Intensive

Six days over two weeks 6am-8am $160

May – Monday 23, Wednesday 25, Friday 27, Monday 30

June – Wednesday 1, Friday 3

We support the foundation of our being by strengthening the Water Element - Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians, which are vulnerable to imbalance during the cold months of winter.

The yoga postures in the Winter Intensive will be specific to learn the location of the Kidneys and the Urinary Bladder meridian, how to create more balance and support for warmth and energy through yoga and the best foods and cooking methods for winter.

The Kidney meridian governs our will, our motivation and drive, providing us with the flow of energy we need. This means that we feel an inner strength and courage which allows us to accept change, to move forward in life in alignment with our own truth and knowing what is best for us, rather than resisting because of fear of doing.

The Urinary bladder meridian governs our nervous system including the brain. It runs the full length of our body, supporting our foundation and structural alignment. Blockage of flow in this meridian will affect the foundation of our being, our confidence and steadiness. Imbalance in the bladder meridian affects our nervous integration contributing to stress, worry, anxiety and insecurity.

The seasonal intensives at Yoga Light bring more focus into your practice. In understanding what the postures are working you are able to bring more strength and healing to specific areas of your body. In knowing your body, one recognizes imbalances and is able to correct the “problem” quickly. With more knowledge, we develop a greater appreciation for the art of yoga and use it for self-healing on all levels.