Late Summer Yoga Intensive

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Late Summer Yoga Intensive

7th – 11th February at 6am - $135

Stability Support Fertility Receptivity Nourishment

Earth is the element associated with late summer and is the foundation of our physical existence.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the entire digestive process, from appetite to elimination, is under the overall control of the Spleen-pancreas. The stomach is considered to be one of the most important of the Yang organs. Together with the spleen, it forms the basis for our Postnatal Ki, the Ki which we derive from breathing and eating, and which is supplied by the Stomach and Spleen to the other organs and the rest of the body. If the Stomach is weak, all the other organs are weak.

Spleen/pancreas meridian governs our nourishment, desire, blood quality and sugar levels, therefore having a major influence on our energy levels.

Stomach meridian governs our awareness in the world and our cycles, such as eating, sleeping, aging, menstrual, our patterns and habitual behaviour.

During the week of the late summer intensive we will cover;

· Where the channels are located and the signs of imbalance.

· Yoga postures to stimulate and strengthen the spleen/pancreas and stomach meridians, creating a stronger support for your health and well-being.

· Foods to support digestion and nourishment.

· How our thoughts, words and feelings affect our Abundance and receiving.

Bookings are limited. Email: Ph: 9661 9036