Yoga Light Spring Retreat at Govinda Valley

Friday evening to Sunday afternoon 6 - 8 December

Yoga Light Spring Retreat is about embracing your abundance and ability to receive and be nourished on all levels.

This weekend retreat is focused on our Spleen meridian in Traditional Chinese Medicine, our second chakra and heart chakra, which will be integrated into the yoga, meditation and discussion sessions.

Yoga Light Retreat at Govinda Valley

Abundant Spleen energy generates a deep inner sense of well-being and a wonderful sense of ease and comfort in the body. Digestion is relaxed and efficient, the body feels supported and toned, the mind is clear and able to concentrate well.

From our Second chakra we feel content, enjoy the pleasures of life and have a deep relationship with our own sensuality.

In our heart chakra is the fullness of love, joy and inspiration. We rest secure in the knowing that we are safe and deservedly looked after by the Divine Mother.

Participate in a weekend filled with healing and rejuvenating modalities of yoga, shiatsu, meditation, ear candling.

Be nourished with freshly prepared healthy food, great company, fun, and connection with nature, fresh air and greenery of our beautiful location.

Early bird payment $500

due by 8th November

Afterwards $550