Weekend Retreat May 2017

Our next weekend yoga retreat is Friday 19th May – Sunday afternoon 21st May

Retreat is facilitated by Dianne Black including all yoga classes and dance movement class.

Shiatsu sessions will be taught by Caroline Farah from www.spiritoftouch.com.au

Meditation session facilitated by Dez Dalton from http://www.reikiempowermentseminars.com.au/

Arrive Friday afternoon anytime from 4pm onwards. Open yourself to the peaceful energy and beautiful scenery of Govinda Valley. Have a cup of tea and catch up with class mates or choose to sit on the 2nd level verandah overlooking the national park and enjoy the company of the lorikeets and rosellas.

Its always nice to work with a theme, this time we will be exploring our conscious mind for greater awareness and transformation in our yoga practice and when we meditate. Our aim is to stay aligned to our individual intention, whatever you choose for that session, for your personal growth and healing.

Yoga is meditation in movement and in stillness. We empower ourselves when we are fully Present and work with a definite intention, even when the mind is still our intention is held in the subconscious.

There is always an abundance of freshly prepared food, healthy, nutritionally balanced and blessed in the kitchen to raise the vibration, which you can actually taste and feel the energy, especially the soups. They are amazing. The staff are kind, friendly and available to make our weekend a great experience.

Cost for the weekend is $550 early bird if paid in full by 15th April. Full price is $600 due by 13th May.

Please email me at dianne@yogalight.net if you would like to book your space, numbers are limited.

If you haven’t been on a retreat with us before, continue reading for a general guide of the weekend – I do prioritise being responsive to the group energy rather than sticking with an organised schedule. This retreat is a co-creation of all who are attending.

After everyone is settled in Friday afternoon, we will do a yoga session before dinner.

Saturday will begin with a 2 hour yoga session in the morning before breakfast. The early morning sessions are focused on strengthening, alignment of our energy channels and balancing right /left sides of our body.

I am requesting kichari for breakfast both mornings, this dish is tri-doshic, meaning it is balancing to all 3 doshas of our constitution in Ayurveda, and it also tastes really good.

The cooks are used to catering for any dietary requirements.

After some free time another yoga session, this practice is working with our yin energy of softness and flexibility - holding forward bends, hip opening and rejuvenation postures.

Saturday afternoon I would like to do a movement class, simple dance movements using the figure 8, also known as the Celtic Weave. This will be basic flowing movement that everyone can do!

We will also do some shiatsu or rejuvenating body therapy through touch.

After dinner we can do ear candling before bed. This is extremely calming and something we rarely do at home for ourselves. Ear candling is a gentle way of clearing wax & debris from the ear canal. It can sharpen mental functions, vision, hearing, taste & colour perception. Eases earache, headache, sinus pressure and allergies.

6:30am Sunday morning a 2 hour yoga session followed by breakfast.

Free time…… a group usually organise to go on a bush walk to the ocean. Others prefer to stay and relax in the grounds.

At 11am we will meet back in studio for a shiatsu session learning the back routine, this takes about 2 hours.

1pm Lunch

2pm Closing Circle reviewing our theme for the weekend.

Would love all of my gorgeous students to attend and if you have friends interested please share this email.

These weekends are transformational, inspiring and lots of fun