Summer Yoga Workshops

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Summer Yoga Workshops – Fire Element

Mondays 5:30pm 30th Jan – 27th Feb, 5 weeks - $150


Wednesdays 1st Feb – 8th March 6:15am – 8am, 6 weeks - $180

Joy, Charisma, Connection, Sharing, Fun, Play, Communication, Love

"The Heart is the sovereign of all the organs and represents the consciousness of one's being. It is responsible for intelligence, wisdom and spiritual transformation." -Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine

The summer workshop will be accessing meridians ruled by the fire element. We will be focusing on postures which open the Heart chakra, benefitting flexibility in the upper back, shoulders and improved posture.

Knowing the location of the meridians and how they affect us, gives us a better understanding of our own body and connection to our power in maintaining perfect health.

Please email to book your space