Dianne Black

As Director and sole teacher at Yoga Light, I am invested in every student attending classes, guiding each one at their level to progress and receive the greatest benefits from their practice of yoga.

After 20 years, I still love teaching because of the people who come, with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and evolve. Yoga is a lifestyle for me, I do my own practice every day, even if it means getting up at 4am before classes or private sessions. If I'm not in my own body, how can I expect to be in someone else's. Choosing to eat nourishing food is a natural transition from regular yoga practice, you become more sensitive of what goes into your body and conscious of what supports your health.

I teach seasonal workshops which allows me to share my knowledge and experience of zen shiatsu, meridians, metaphysics and food as medicine, incorporated into the yoga. This holistic approach empowers people in self healing, knowing how our meridians and the food we eat can affect our body and emotions and vice versa.

Back in 1988 I received a scholarship to WAAPA where I practiced dance full time for 3 years. This is actually when I discovered yoga, as I was so sore from the dance classes that I needed to 'stretch out' and soothe the muscles. Ballet definitely taught me discipline, commitment, refined body awareness and grace of movement.

After graduating and travelling in Europe, I returned home to Sydney and found myself going to yoga classes every day, my love for yoga was becoming a way of life. 3 years later I had completed a very intense teacher training yoga apprenticeship under the guidance of Shandor Remete, who studied directly with BKS Iyengar.

I was attracted to Shandor as a teacher because of his passion and intuition and sense of humour. I remember him saying that within the first 10 years of teaching yoga you are still a beginner. I didn't really understand what he meant at that time, as I was still the beginner!

I hear about yoga teachers teaching what they have been taught without understanding why it is that way. The one posture can vary according to the person doing it, everyone's body is unique and can respond differently in a yoga posture. I think a great teacher is one who can see each person and create the space and guidance allowing them to shine, rather than putting everyone in the same box.

I feel hands on, gentle adjustments is very important for beginners so as not to develop bad habits which can ultimately lead to injury. Through experience I know how important touch is for developing trust and for the body to be responsive. I am certified Reiki level 7 (Usui System of Universal Energy) so the energy is even more enhanced when you are receiving adjustments with no negative transference, only a positive intention for healing.

I believe it is important for people to feel safe and comfortable, working at their own level so they can open to the flexibility – body and mind. The classes are conducted in a friendly, casual atmosphere, whilst still holding the sacredness of the space for yoga transformation and healing.