Classes are kept to a minimum size, usually 8-12 people, so everyone has the space they need as well as receiving individual guidance.

It is amazing to see people's bodies open up and change, becoming softer, more flexible and responsive.

The breathing is deeper and more even, students develop a body confidence and more powerful presence.

Yoga Light Classes in 2019

Cost per class casual rate $30

Class card - 10 classes in 12 weeks $250

Class card - 10 classes in 5 weeks $230

Group private - personalised sequence - maximum 3 people $50each

Private tuition for 1 hour $110

Duration of class is 1 hour 15 mins - 1 hour 30 mins

Yoga mats are available to use if you don't have your own

All Classes

Suitable for beginners and general level students. You will be safely guided in every posture to align your body correctly to open into flexibility and structural support.

Postures are held so you have time to really feel and connect with your body, breath and mind.

Each consecutive class brings more understanding and confidence in yoga, experiencing the benefits of having more energy, body awareness, clarity, inspiration and greater health.

If you require more help to get started due to injury or limited movement, a few private sessions are recommended before joining the classes.

Please see timetable for class times.

Yoga is an art of healing

Yoga postures, although appearing to be static, are a whole body experience, stimulating and affecting endocrine glands, muscles, nerves, organs and meridians.

The focus at Yoga Light is to awaken one's consciousness to body awareness, posture and energy.

When working a posture there are equal opposite actions taking place. HATHA - translating to "sun" /"moon," "masculine"/ "feminine" - Uniting opposites. This action creates the dynamic energy internally within the body, accessing meridians (energy channels), clearing stagnation, and stimulating the flow of Chi or Prana - "life energy" whilst inducing relaxation and a "letting go" of the mind.

Some common issues to be healed through yoga are back pain, tight hips, the digestive system, stress management and muscle tension. The condition I see often is tight shoulders and upper body, restricting full breathing.

Adopting a regular yoga regime maintains and improves your health, reducing the impact of harmful diseases.

Yoga is non-competitive, each individual works at their own level of flexibility, strength and self development.

Yoga is an ancient art and science to create balance and healing, supporting us to move into our full creativity and expression.