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Yoga Light has been operating for 25 years, and has always been about knowing my clients, working with them one on one in classes and bringing out the best in people.

My name is Dianne Black and I am the director and teacher at Yoga Light. I love the people I work with and the challenge of each body being different , requiring different adjustments and focus to release physical blockages. It always amazes me how quickly people progress in body awareness, flexibility and feeling more comfortable in postures.

The hardest question for me to answer is “what style of yoga do you teach”. There are so many fancy names for yoga classes now and every teacher brings their own experience into their teaching. My best attempt to answer is that I teach based on the traditional hatha yoga postures which are held so as to focus on alignment and breathing and accessing the inner body work. There is a flow of smooth transitions in between each posture but no jumping.

I also incorporate exercises to address key issues such as glutes or abdominals. We use what my students jokingly refer to as “accessories” such as the foam roller for pelvic floor strengthening and balancing right & left sides of the body whilst supporting and releasing the spine, and spiky balls to release the plantar fascia in feet.

I like to walk around the room to help guide people and direct their attention into their body if the mind is distracted.

Each class is sequenced according to the group energy and accessing tight areas such as shoulders, upper back, hips, hamstrings…..classes are designed to incorporate the whole body to feel aligned and balanced.

When students can enter the space of stillness in a posture, the mind is in meditation. This helps clear emotional stress, brings clarity and peace to the mind and relaxes the body.

The studio is spacious with lots of windows for natural light. There is a beautiful big tree outside which changes with the seasons and stunning stained glass windows in the church opposite which are illumined at night.

The way I teach is influenced by modalities I have studied, including food as medicine, meridians, chakras, anatomy, shiatsu, touch for health kinesiology and reiki level 7.

My training to teach yoga began in 1991 with Shandor Remete in Sydney. This was an intensive 3 years full time learning how to teach, physically adjust and align clients, reading yogic texts and pushing our bodies to do crazy things.

Despite the physical exhaustion of 3am starts, the constant confrontations to challenge the ego and the vulnerability of learning and making mistakes, through the emotional growth and tears under the intensity of his tutelage, this training created the perfect foundation to stay committed to my own practice, teach with full attention of Presence and be authentic and humbly confident as a yoga teacher.