Yoga Light weekend Retreat at Govinda Valley

 Friday evening 25th May – Sunday afternoon 27th May


       Immerse your body, mind and spirit in the magic of yoga and Mother Earth’s healing energy.

Create the time for yourself to rejuvenate and clear.


Healthy and fresh vegetarian food  prepared daily using Ayurvedic principles to cleanse and balance the body.

A weekend away in the peace of nature allows us to clear our stress and connect to our inner peace and serenity.

 Yoga will release the blocked energy of stress, emotions, overthinking, and poor diet.

 You will be nourished on all levels to rejuvenate and be inspired again…………


Cost for the weekend is $600 all inclusive of accomodation, food, yoga classes, shiatsu sessions, dance class and ear candles - due by 21st May.


                                           Please email to book your space.  Numbers are limited.

Read on for a brief outline of the weekend…………

Arrive Friday afternoon anytime from 4pm onwards.  Open yourself to the peaceful energy and beautiful scenery of GovindaValley.

 Have a cup of tea and catch up with class mates or choose to sit on the 2nd level verandah overlooking the national park and enjoy the company of the lorikeets and rosellas.


 There is always an abundance of freshly prepared food, healthy, nutritionally balanced and blessed during preparation in the kitchen to raise the vibration, which you can actually taste and feel !  The staff are kind, friendly and available to make our weekend a great experience.

After everyone is settled in Friday afternoon, we will do a yoga session before dinner.

 Saturday will begin with a 2 hour yoga session in the morning before breakfast.  The early morning sessions are focused on strengthening, alignment of our energy channels and balancing right /left sides of our body.  

 I am requesting kichari for breakfast both mornings, this dish is tri-doshic, meaning it is balancing to all 3 doshas of our constitution in Ayurveda, and it also tastes really good.

The cooks are happy to cater for any dietary requirements.

 After some free time another yoga session, this practice is working with our yin energy of softness and flexibility - holding forward bends, hip opening and rejuvenation postures.

 Saturday afternoon will be a movement class, simple dance movements learning basic bachata and contempory dance exercises.  It’s not only fun but activates different parts of the brain and body connection.

 We will also do some shiatsu or rejuvenating body therapy.

 After dinner we can do ear candling before bed.  This is extremely calming and something we rarely do at home for ourselves.  Ear candling is a gentle way of clearing wax & debris from the ear canal.   It can sharpen mental functions, vision, hearing, taste & colour perception. Eases earache, headache, sinus pressure and allergies.

 6:30am Sunday morning -  a 2 hour yoga session followed by breakfast.  

 After breakfast a group usually organizes to go on a bush walk to the ocean.  Others prefer to stay and relax in the grounds.

 At 11am we will meet back in the studio for a shiatsu session learning the back routine, this takes about 2 hours.

 1pm Lunch

 2pm Closing Circle reviewing our theme for the weekend.

 Enjoy the company of like minded people or bring a friend.


 These weekends are transformational, inspiring and lots of fun!