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Spring Yoga Retreat



Friday evening 29 October to Sunday afternoon 31 October


Spring is the time of new beginnings. 


We make the positive choices in creativity for manifestation in Love and Joy.  If you choose to be in your true potential you need tools to work with for a clear mind, connection with the source of creativity and knowing, and a healthy, balanced flexible body.


This Yoga Light weekend retreat provides a dedicated two days of Yoga, Pranayama and Shiatsu for healing and balance, inducing peace and stillness to your mind for clarity and inspiration.



Enjoy an abundance of fresh vegetarian meals for nourishment and satisfaction whilst taking in the peaceful and beautiful surrounds of Govinda Valley.


Prana – life force     Ayama – control = control of flow of life force


When you practice yoga on a retreat, your body feels stronger, you have more energy and time stands still, so you can experience being complete in the present moment with a clear and open mind.  In this way the yoga, breathing and meditation is very powerful for transformation to higher vibrations.


All levels are welcome


Early bird discount of $460 due by 9th October


Afterwards $490

Dianne Black,
6 Oct 2010, 03:15