Yoga Light 

Autumn Yoga Intensive

Six days over two weeks  6:15am – 8am  $160

MarchMon 12, Wed 14, Fri 16

                  Mon 19, Wed 21, Fri 23


Autumn - Metal Element

 Large Intestine – Expression, choice, judgment

The large intestine cleanses our body of unnecessary matter – waste and toxins, as well as old emotions and beliefs which no longer serve us.

 Lung – Vitality, hope, breath

This meridian controls most of the chest area, the strength in our arms and energy in the top 3 vertebrae of the upper back, (thoracic), allowing us the fullness and freedom of breath, feeling inspired and energised.


When we support ourselves with regular yoga, the right food and emotional clearing we can avoid the disorders of colds, flu, allergies, sinus problems, bronchitis, tension, exhaustion, infections, hair and skin problems, any related lung or colon imbalance.

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